Episode 165 - The Healing Power of CBD & Anti-Cancer Diets w/ David Carter & Mary Lopez Carter

In this episode I speak with CBD advocates and owners of the Carolina Hemp Hut chain of stores -David Carter and Mary Lopez Carter..

We discuss how David's diagnosis of cancer led his wife Mary on a quest to find alternative treatments that ultimately led to Cannabis and CBD. After experiencing CBD's healing power, they then opened a chain of stores in the US to help educate and heal people, while providing them the highest quality CBD products. As we take the deep dive, we unravel the many healing properties of the sacred cannabis plant.. Drop In!


Mary Lopez Bio:

Warm, compassionate, and driven by a genuine desire to uplift lives, Mary Lopez Carter embodies the spirit of caring and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to well-being, Mary’s journey as the founder of Carolina Hemp Hut is a testament to her dedication to health and community.

Mary’s passion for people and their well-being is the heartbeat of Carolina Hemp Hut. Her mission is to make a difference, to touch lives positively, and to pave the way for a healthier and higher quality of life for all. Rooted in service and driven by compassion, Mary’s story is an inspiring narrative of hope and healing.

The genesis of Mary’s connection to Carolina Hemp Hut emerged from a deeply personal place—a desire to help her husband overcome cancer. In the face of adversity, she embarked on a journey that blended traditional and natural healing approaches. This fusion of Western and holistic methods speaks to her multifaceted approach to well-being.

Hailing from a family enriched by strong Peruvian heritage, Mary’s journey expanded beyond borders. Her research and exploration led her to uncover a world of botanical health solutions, bridging traditional wisdom with modern understanding. As a result, Carolina Hemp Hut’s offerings embrace a diverse array of health options drawn from various corners of the globe.

Mary’s dedication to the pursuit of better health knows no bounds. Her journey is an open invitation, a call for others to join her in exploring the pathways to well-being. She envisions a world where health is holistic, where ancient wisdom harmonizes with contemporary knowledge, and where individuals thrive.

Embark on this transformative journey with Mary Lopez Carter, where empowerment, healing, and community converge. As the heart and soul of Carolina Hemp Hut, Mary leads by example, guiding us all towards a future brimming with vitality and the promise of a healthier tomorrow

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