Episode 160 - Conflict REVOLUTION®️ & Channeling Einstein w/ Barbara With

Join us for an illuminating episode as I engage in a powerful conversation with renowned author... Barbara With. We begin our talk looking at her journey becoming a guide, author, and the beginnings of the 'Psychic Sorority'.. Then we focus on her groundbreaking book 'Conflict REVOLUTION®️ & The New Operating System' - and how it's story is the direct result of her experiences with channeled information from Angels, Albert Einstein, and more!

Barbara With also shares the wisdom and insights that have made her book a transformative guide for managing conflicts. As we talk together, we explore the profound notion that conflict, when approached with consciousness and empathy, can lead to evolution and growth.

Our talk unravels the essence of Conflict REVOLUTION®️, emphasizing the power of shifting perspectives and embracing conflict as a catalyst for positive change, and gateways to deeper understanding. Drop In!

www.barbarawith.com, www.synergyalliance.llc

Barbara With Bio:

Barbara With is an international peace activist, award-winning author/publisher, psychic channel, composer and performer, workshop facilitator, and inspirational speaker. She is the co-founder of Conflict REVOLUTION®️, a revolutionary way to resolve conflicts of the psyche based on her work channeling Albert Einstein. She has authored six books on metaphysics. Barbara teaches and trains Conflict REVOLUTION®️ in the classroom and on ZOOM, and lectures on her Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, Maps of Human Consciousness and the Science of Compassion.

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