Episode 156 - Consciousness Expanding Breathing Techniques w/ Scott Prentice

In this episode, I speak with Breathwork Coach and Workshop leader.. Scott Prentice. Scott has conducted workshops around the world teaching people the power of breathwork, the ability to use controlled breath to activate higher states of awareness. Scott talks about his personal method of breathwork; which is a fusion of the Wim Hoff, Holotropic, and Box Breathing methods. We then talk about the incredible psychedelic experiences he and others have experienced with this unique method. Activate your highest consciousness through breathing! Drop In!


Scott Prentice Bio:

Scott Prentice is a passionate creative artist and soul connecting healer who has traveled the world seeking personal growth. Through his experiences, he has gained insight into self-empowerment, love, acceptance, and gratitude. These skills have enabled him to make meaningful contributions to the lives of others, and he continues to strive for personal growth and spiritual development.

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