Episode 154 - The Esoteric Properties of Human Blood w/ Rudolf Steiner

In this episode, Brynn Anderson and I listen to a very rare lecture from one of the leading figures in philosophical and esoteric circles.. Rudolf, who left this dimension in 1926, shares his thoughts on the magical and esoteric properties of human blood. From its elemental essence, to the carrier of both physical and spiritual life; Steiner breaks down the purpose, function, and construction of blood and how "Blood is a Very Special Fluid. He also talks about the ancestral powers within blood, and how blood is the key to humanities' future evolution. From Berlin, Germany 10/25/1906.. Drop In!

Rudolf Steiner Bio:

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was a multifaceted Austrian philosopher, writer, and social reformer who made significant contributions to a wide range of fields.

Born in present-day Croatia, Steiner displayed exceptional intellectual abilities from a young age. He pursued an education in mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy, and literature, eventually obtaining a doctorate in philosophy. Steiner is best remembered for his development of Anthroposophy, a spiritual philosophy that sought to bridge the gap between science, art, and religion. Anthroposophy emphasized the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world and focused on the cultivation of individual spiritual and creative capacities. Steiner's ideas had a profound impact on diverse domains including education (as seen in the Waldorf pedagogy), agriculture (with the introduction of biodynamic farming), architecture, medicine, and the performing arts.

A prolific lecturer and writer, Steiner dedicated his life to sharing his insights and founded various institutions to support his work. He advocated for a holistic approach to personal and societal development, highlighting the integration of intellectual, artistic, and practical dimensions of human existence. Steiner's ideas continue to inspire individuals and communities worldwide, shaping alternative approaches to education, spirituality, and sustainable living, and leaving an enduring legacy that resonates with a diverse range of fields and disciplines.

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