Episode 145 - Exploring the American Metaphysical Religion w/ Ronnie Pontiac

In the episode I speak with renowned lecturer, musician, and author... Ronnie Pontiac. Ronnie and I discuss his astounding new book, "American Metaphysical Religion: Esoteric and Mystical Traditions of the New World" a massive tome detailing the metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual explorations within American history.

Ronnie also shares information about his time with the legendary Manly P. Hall, with whom he studied under for seven years, and a detailed account of the situations surrounding Manly's untimely death. An incredible episode! Drop In!

Ronnie Pontiac Bio:

Ronnie Pontiac worked as Manly P. Hall’s research assistant, screener, and designated substitute lecturer for seven years. He has produced award-winning documentaries, and has written for Invisible College Magazine, Newtopia, Metapsychosis, Occult of Personality, and the original Reality Sandwich. In addition, he plays guitar for the experimental rock band Lucid Nation.

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