Episode 142 - Ancestral Spirit Guides & Preparation for Death w/ Salicrow

In this episode, I speak with Author, Medium, and Death Dula... Salicrow. Salicrow enlightens us on her journey awakening to her abilities, and then developing them over time. She also discusses how our ancestors are our spirit guides, and ways we can connect with our 'Beloved Dead'. Salicrow also breaks down what happens to humans during their time of transitioning, and how what we perceive as Angels might not be what we think.. An incredible discussion... Drop In!


Salicrow Bio:

Salicrow is a natural psychic medium who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. For over thirty years she has worked as a seer, using the tarot and runes as her tools. With her ability to divine the future and revisit the past, she advises her clients with compassion and a straightforward approach. As a medium, she helps people to connect with their beloved dead, family, friends, and loved ones who have passed, as well as make connections with the guiding spirits who watch over them.

As an intuitive healer, Salicrow is dedicated to helping the beings of our planet and the Earth itself. She is a reiki master in six schools of reiki, a sound healer, druid, and a practitioner of Rune Valdr and Seithr. Salicrow is the author of 'Jump Girl' , 'The Path of Elemental Withcraft' , and now 'Spirit Speaker'


Salicrow lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her husband of twenty-six years. Her children, grandchildren, and community are a big part of her life. She is a deep lover of sacred travel and has been known to go on adventures, near and far, where she can most likely be found doing healing work on the spirits of the land and on the land itself.

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