Episode 132 - Synchronicity & The 13 Moon Calendar w/ Jacob Wyatt

In this episode, we welcome back to the show, Jacob Wyatt - Director of the 'Foundation for the Law of Time'. Jacob and I discuss the natural timing of synchronicity, and how we as humans are living in an artificial time structure. We also remind people what the law of time is, and how it relates to the 13 moon calendar. Then, we discuss how modern world events are perceived through that lens of the law of time, and the true universal time.. Drop In!

www.lawoftime.org, www.newtimecourse.com

Jacob Wyatt Bio:

Jacob Wyatt is Director of Communications for the Foundation for the Law of Time. He is a teacher of the 13 Moons, and all facets of the Law of Time, having shared his knowledge over the last 17 years with thousands of people around the world. Having studied directly with the Founder of the Foundation for the Law of Time, Jose Arguelles, Jacob has also served as his trusted personal assistant since 2003 and now works directly with Stephanie South. Jacob is the chief creator of the annual Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, has created countless graphics for Law of Time Publications, written more than 60 essays via his 13 Moon Calendar Essentials newsletter, and created an online 13 Moon Calendar video course. www.lawoftime.org | www.newtimecourse.com

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