Episode 130 - Crystal Consciousness & The New Paradigm w/ Harmony Fronterhouse

In this episode, I have another fantastic conversation with Harmony Fronterhouse about crystals and her book 'Birthing a New Paradigm'. We refresh people on the concepts laid out in her book, which we covered on her previous appearance, and then take a deep dive into understanding crystals. Harmony shares with us how crystals are alive, and how their magnetic fields can heal ailments. We also discuss several types of crystals and what they specifically do.. Drop In!


Harmony Fronterhouse Bio:

Harmony Fronterhouse is a visionary and wisdom keeper of the new age. Merging ancient knowledge with current downloads, she is a bridge builder who embraces both science and spirit. The creator of Wildcraft Wellness, Harmony believes that we are the ones we've been waiting for and the time is Now. A mother of three and teacher in the community, Harmony is also a Writer, Visionary Artist, and Musician. She is a Certified Caregiver for 15+ years, and a youth and adult Educator. She is also a passionate Gardener, Herbalist of the Wise Women's Traditions and Permaculture/ Urban Farmer, sharing her knowledge of plants and nutrition and the connection to balanced health in the garden classroom environment. Focused on creating wellness and sustainability, her passion for nature and empowering children have merged, while building community and individual connection through gardening and food. Connecting to the soil means connecting to each other, in turn we are able to interact with our world on an open authentic level, creating a new paradigm. We do not only inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. . . .

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