Episode 122 - Understanding Endarkenment w/ Deborah Eden Tull

In this episode I speak with teacher, activist, author, and Zen Buddhist monk... Deborah Eden Tull. Eden discusses her latest book 'Luminous Darkness' which is a spiritual handbook for understanding the qualities of darkness that can help each of us evolve.. We take a deep dive into what divine darkness is as an equal component to divine light.. Eden also shares some of the knowledge she gained by training for many years as a Zen Buddhist monk... Drop In!


Deborah Eden Tull:

Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher, author, activist, and sustainability educator. Eden teaches the integration of compassionate awareness into every aspect of our lives. She spent seven years training as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery and has been teaching dharma for 19 years. Eden has also been living in, and teaching about, sustainable communities for over 25 years.

Her teaching style is grounded in compassionate awareness, experiential learning, inquiry, and an unwavering commitment to personal transformation. She teaches engaged awareness practice, which emphasizes the connection between personal awakening and global engagement. Eden draws upon teachings from the natural world and an embodied understanding of animism.

She is author of “Relational Mindfulness: A Handbook for Deepening Our Connection with Our Self, Each Other, and Our Planet” (Wisdom 2018) and “The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide for the Sustainable Food Revolution.” Her work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Tricycle, Yogi Times, GOOP, Shambhala Times, and The Ecologist. She also teaches The Work That Reconnects, a program created by Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy, and teaches for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. Eden offers retreats, online courses, and consultations internationally.

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