Episode 121 - The Seeders & Humanity's Origins w/ Elena Danaan

In this episode I welcome back Author, Starseed, and voice of the Galactic Federation of Worlds... Elena Danaan. Elena and I discuss her new book 'The Seeders' which outlines the story of the 24 different races that came together to create human life on Earth. We also talk about her interactions with the interstellar beings which guide her, and send messages through her for all humanity.. This episode is a powerful look at the history of humanity through the eyes of those that planted the seed.. Drop In!


Elena Danaan Bio:

Elena Danaan is an Archaeologist who spent many years working on diverse sites in Egypt and in France studying ancient cultures. Hereditary Shaman, she also studied Pagan spirituality, Magic, and Alchemy. She also was trained and ordained as a Druidess.

Extraterrestrial contactee since childhood, Elena Danaan became an emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Her world bestsellers "A Gift From The Stars", "We Will Never Let You Down" and "The Seeders" have marked our times and inspired millions of people.

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