Episode 116 - Venus Light Technology w/ Sabrina DiNitto

In this episode I welcome back Author and Teacher... Sabrina DiNitto. Sabrina and I discuss her concept of Venus Light Technology, and how she developed this understanding with the aid of advanced light beings. We also talk about how the fabric of reality is constructed of light and who the caretakers of that design are. A very advanced level of information that will push you to the height of light... Drop In!

www.sabrinadinitto.com , www.enlightenmentcodes.com

Sabrina DiNitto Bio:

Sabrina Di Nitto listens with her inner senses to the realm beyond manifestation, moving between form and formlessness. She deepened her inner knowledge of cosmic ascension and enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, cosmology, spiritual psychology for self-realization, alchemical healing, Egyptian and ancient mystery, and Merkaba teachings to access the world beyond thought and form.

She works as a spiritual teacher and cosmic midwife of new consciousness. She practices ascension work, multidimensional soul alignment, soul breathwork, incarnation work of divine light, inner child work, energy blueprint reading and soul embodiment. Her own Venus Light Technology is one of the new light technologies she has developed in co-creation with Creational Light Beings for the Cosmic Ascension Project.

Sabrina works with adults and children to integrate the light into their hearts and bodies. She co-creates with many ascended masters and is initiated into the lineage of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Her innate gifts as a visionary run like a thread through her life and her work.

Internationally, she travels to sacred places to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint. Sabrina holds a M.A. in Romance Literature, Linguistics and Philology. She speaks Dutch, English, French and Italian. Her workshops and trainings are given in English, French and Dutch. She lives in Flanders, Belgium, where she teaches, guides and writes.

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