Episode 115 - The Astrology of Bitcoin w/ Adam Sommer

In this episode I speak with astrologer, writer, and cryptocurrency expert... Adam Sommer. Adam and I talk about how he applies his deep astrological understandings into the world of Bitcoin and other cryptos, and what lies ahead for this new type of monetary exchange. We also talk about the history of Bitcoin, and how it's astrological chart syncs up perfectly with it's ongoing story.. Drop In!


Adam Sommer Bio:

Adam Sommer is a an astrologer, writer, podcaster, and crypto currency expert. He combines both his astrological understandings and his knowledge of cryptocurrencies to create a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency phenomena. He astrological certification is from Maurice Fernandez who is co-founder of OPA (Organization of Professional Astrologers), and he started his first podcast in 2009!...called Exploring Astrology.

He says his intention is ‘To be of the most assistance I can be to you and the rest of the astrological/mythical world by animating these stories, these skies, and these ways of understanding in a way that gets you more excited each time you read or listen to my work. I also pray, that through my work you find a couple of holes to travel down and that you find some heaven by doing so’.

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