Episode 112 - Clearing Your Beliefs to Change Your Life w/ Lion Goodman

In this episode, I speak with lifecoach, author, healer, and teacher.. Lion Goodman. Lion tells us the incredible story of his NDE, and his journey to where he is now.. We also talk about the 'Clear Belief Method' which he developed to help people clear the beliefs that are holding them back from being their true self.... Drop In!

www.liongoodman.com , www.clearyourbeliefs.com

Lion Goodman Bio:

Lion Goodman is a transformational coach, author, healer and


At the age of 26, Lion was shot in the head four times. This

near-death experience kick-started his five decades of research

into the nature of consciousness, developmental psychology,

spirituality and healing.

He created the Clear Beliefs Method of trauma-informed

therapeutic coaching, which he has taught to more than 500

coaches, healers and therapists around the world. His training is

accredited by both the International Coaching Federation and

Association for Coaching.

In a single session, Lion can eliminate a client’s limiting or

negative belief from their subconscious mind, heal a childhood

wound, or resolve a trauma from the past. The Clear Beliefs

Method is a multidimensional approach to rapid, deep healing.

Lion has taught workshops and trainings around the world, and

authored 5 books, including Creating On Purpose, Clear Your

Clients' Limiting Beliefs, and Menlightenment. He is a co-author of

a new book, “Transforming Trauma,” with Joe Vitale, Marci

Shimoff, John Demartini, and Christy Whitman.

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