Episode 108 - Channeling Jerry Garcia & The Metaphysical Grateful Dead

In this episode I speak with intuitive, channeler, and Author of the book 'In the Spirit: Conversations with the Spirit of Jerry Garcia'...Wendy Weir. Wendy, who is the sister of Grateful Dead member Bob Weir, shares her powerful stories interacting with Jerry's spirit after his death in 1995, and other metaphysical understandings connected to her experiences. We also talk about the legacy of the Grateful Dead spiritually, while she shares other meaningful stories relating to her life being a member of the Grateful Dead family. Drop In!

Wendy Weir Bio:

Wendy weir is an intuitive, channeler, author and so much more.. In 1999 she wrote the book ‘In The Spirit’ which detailed her channelings and contact with the spirit of legendary musician Jerry Garcia after his untimely passing in 1995. She herself is the sister of also legendary musician of bob weir, and together with Jerry Garcia and others performed in the band ‘The Grateful Dead’ which toured for 30 years, expanding consciousness, evolving humanity, and creating a new world. She is deeply involved in conservation works and has directed and worked with several groups over the years.

Her interests include caring for horses, art, travel, gardening, and sitting in the silence. Whether she is involved in business, education or the joy of life, Wendy incorporates her spiritual activities into all that she does. 

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