Episode 061 - Orbs & Healing Through STEs w/ Virginia Hummel

In this episode, I speak with author Virginia Hummel about her books 'Orbs and the Afterlife: Survival of the Soul' and 'Cracking the Grief Code'.. She shares her life's journey into becoming a channel for the reality of Orbs and what they represent in this dimension. We also talk about healing through 'Spiritually Transformative Experiences' or STEs, and how spiritual experiences can help us overcome deep grief. Listen In!

www.virginiahummel.com , www.orbwhisperer.com

Virginia Hummel Bio:

Virginia Hummel is the author of four books on the afterlife and co-producer of an upcoming documentary on healing grief through Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs). Her deepest hope is to help guide others on a spiritual path to transmute pain, loss and grief into personal growth and empowerment.


She is a lifelong student of metaphysical, spiritual and after-death subjects. With the death of her youngest son, Christopher, she experienced a series of spontaneous spiritual events that helped transform her grief and find a place of balance and joy.


Virginia has been a researcher and experiencer of the orb phenomenon for over a decade. She is Chairman of Orb Encounters at Eternea.org whose mission is to advance research, education and applied programs concerning the physics of consciousness and the interactive relationship between consciousness and physical reality. 


She is the creator of OrbWhisperer.com — a website dedicated to the research, education and exploration of the orb phenomenon and Virginiahummel.com dedicated to healing grief through Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE)

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