Will Gary Lineker, change government policy and topple the BBC chairman?

This weekend, Match of the Day was broadcast without presenters, pundits, or commentators after Gary Lineker was suspended from the BBC for breaching impartiality guidelines with his criticism of the government's asylum policies. In solidarity with Lineker, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, and other pundits have refused to present the show, leading the BBC to only feature match footage. Initially, the BBC had put pressure on Lineker to agree to their terms on his future use of social media, but on Monday, the Corporation did a u-turn in the face of public pressure after Lineker's suspension had been widely criticized. This has now led to calls for BBC chair Richard Sharp to resign for his mishandling of the affair.

Roifield is joined by a group of British pundits to discuss this momentous weekend in British politics, in which football, immigration policy, and free speech all collided.

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