Racial Extremists and Murder: A Transatlantic Perspective.

Mid Atlantic" podcast, host Roifield Brown delves into the temperature around race, immigration, and hate in the US and the UK. He gathers a panel of experts to discuss the recent racially motivated attack in Florida and its connection to far-right extremism. The attack resulted in the deaths of three individuals, carried out by a white 24-year-old who left behind a disturbing manifesto. The Justice Department is investigating it as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated political extremism.

The panelists include Logan Phillips, a political pollster in DC; Denise Hamilton, a professional speaker and thought leader; Doug Levy, a freelance writer and communication strategy expert; and Corey, a political pundit from the UK.

They discuss the persistence of hate-fueled ideologies and their impact on society, especially focusing on the rise of racially motivated attacks in the US. They also explore how some Republican politicians, including Ron DeSantis, are perceived as fostering an environment where far-right extremism can thrive. Additionally, they highlight the importance of addressing white supremacy directly and the need for more anti-racist efforts to create a more equitable society.

The segment concludes with a sense of hope for a better future in the US, driven by a rising anti-racist coalition and a growing recognition of the importance of diversity and equality in the country.

The speakers then address various aspects of rhetoric around immigration and politics in the UK by non white politicians. The discussion then shifts to the scale of immigration in the UK, with a focus on recent statistics. They debate whether the Conservative Party is effectively tackling the issue or merely generating media headlines without concrete policies. The hosts express concerns about rewarding failure within the government.

In the latter part of the conversation, they explore the differences between how non-white politicians are perceived in the UK and the US. They discuss whether UK politicians are seen as representatives of their respective minority groups and whether the UK is truly post-racial. The hosts highlight the presence of diverse politicians in key positions but question whether this reflects genuine inclusion.

The discussion captures different perspectives on immigration, politics, and diversity in the UK, emphasising the complexities and nuances of these topics.

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