Impeachment Inquiry and Crumbling Infrastructure: Challenges on Both Sides of the Atlantic

In this episode of the "Mid Atlantic" podcast, host Roifield Brown discusses the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden with a panel of guests. The panel includes Emma Burnell, a UK journalist in London; Zee Cohen Sanchez, a political strategist in Nevada; Logan Phillips, a political pollster in D.C.; Tonya Altraide, a philosopher and non-conformist in London; and Steve O'Neill, the ex-deputy head of policy with the Liberal Democrats, also in London.

The discussion revolves around the impeachment inquiry's lack of concrete evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing, focusing instead on his son Hunter Biden's business dealings. The panel explores why some Republicans are pushing for this impeachment, with Zee Cohen Sanchez suggesting it may be a desperate attempt to regain support, especially among the MAGA wing of the party.

Logan Phillips provides polling insights, indicating that most Americans believe Hunter Biden profited from his father's position but don't see direct involvement by Joe Biden in any wrongdoing. He also suggests that the impeachment effort may be driven by political calculations rather than public sentiment.

The conversation then shifts to the crisis involving reinforced autoclaved concrete (RAAC) used in critical infrastructure like schools and hospitals in the UK. Emma Burnell discusses the historical context of underinvestment in infrastructure and the cancellation of building projects, leading to the current crisis. The panel explores the need for a long-term consensus on infrastructure investment.

Steve O'Neill emphasizes the importance of competence in addressing these issues and raises concerns about the financial constraints on UK local councils, citing the example of Birmingham's bankruptcy.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the challenges facing Britain and the optimism that the country can overcome them in the long term, despite short-term challenges.

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