Biden's Global Vision and a Municipal Crisis: Insights from the UN and Birmingham

In this podcast episode, host Roifield Brown is joined by a diverse panel, including political pollster Logan Phillips, Doug Levy, Tonye Altrade, Zee Cohen Sanchez and the Manchester native Corey Bernard. The episode begins with a deep dive into President Biden's recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly, focusing on themes of reconciliation, global collaboration, and addressing climate change. The panel discusses Biden's message to China, the significance of his visit to Vietnam, and the evolving landscape of global politics.

The conversation then shifts to the importance of foreign affairs in American politics. Logan Phillips emphasises the role of crisis in elevating foreign policy as an election issue and highlights the impact of global events on voter priorities. The panel delves into Biden's foreign policy approach and its implications for the United States' global standing.

The episode also explores Birmingham's financial crisis, shedding light on the city's challenges, including equal pay claims, poor investments, and the changing funding model imposed by central government. The panel touches on the broader issues facing post-industrial cities in the UK and the impact of economic restructuring on their cultural and reputational resurgence.

Throughout the discussion, the panel provides valuable insights into international relations, domestic politics, and the economic challenges faced by cities like Birmingham in an ever-changing world.

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