Matt Bevan - Trump Is Not Playing Four Dimensional Chess

After three seasons of the ABC's excellent political podcast Russia, If You're Listening, host Matt Bevan is back with new episodes focused purely on the last four years of Trump.

Now renamed America, If You're Listening, the show will dive deep into a different defining moment in the US president's first term each episode, beginning with Hurricane Maria which tore through Puerto Rico in 2017. The official death count for this tragedy is 64, a number Trump repeated often, despite an estimated 3000 lives lost. To read a print verion of this discussion, head to SMH.

We recorded this episode a few weeks ago and joked at the time that 'you never know what's going to happen next with Donald Trump', and boy was that true! I can imagine Matt spent the weekend re-writing scripts, following the news that Trump has now tested positive for coronavirus.

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