Brianna Peterson On Entertaining Kids In Lockdown

Brianna Peterson may have one of the most recognisable voices for the under ten set. For the last two years Peterson hosted Imagine This, an ABC science podcast for kids, that answered the big questions like why we get hiccups, and why mosquito bites are so itchy...

Peterson has since gone independent, and her new podcast At Home With Brie is now available. The show is divided into day and night playlists; one to encourage kids to explore the world around them, the other to calm them down for bed.

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This was such a fun episode to record and edit. My daughter Penny is a massive fan of Brianna, so in keeping with the theme of At Home With Brie, I let Penny take the mic for some hard hitting questions. I think the whole damn thing is adorable, but I'm pretty biased.

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