Dry January with Sober Dave

Becoming sober or at least sober-curious is something that seems to be on the lips of many mid-lifers. From our late 40s we just can’t drink like we used to, we’re suddenly suffering from ‘hangxiety’, we’re noticing health niggles. It’s probably a time when we should all become more mindful about our boozing.


Dave Wilson decided at 55 to ‘go sober’ in January 2019. He created an Instagram account - @soberdave. He quickly found himself part of an incredible online community. Dave has documented his sober journey throughout 2019 in the most open and honest way. He’s adored by his followers because of this and for his generosity with his time and support for others.


More about Dave Wilson:

.         https://www.instagram.com/soberdave/

.         https://soberdave.co.uk


The Mindful Drinking Festival: https://mindfuldrinkingfestival.com


For help, support, facts & research: https://alcoholchange.org.uk


Follow Dave’s wife, Emma on IG too: https://www.instagram.com/limitless_em/

Buy Emma’s book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/All-That-Followed-cancer-leaving/dp/1907324895


More about Aimee Cooper:

.         https://www.instagram.com/aimeecooperforms/


More about Louise Daniels: 

.         https://twitter.com/LouiseDaniels_     

.         https://www.instagram.com/louisedanielsofficial/


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