Sex Positive Parenting with Dr Lea Lis

So much laughter with today's guest as we got down to the nitty-gritty of how we should be discussing sex with our kids. There's quite a bit of swearing and sharing in this episode as we chat masturbation, sex, consent, boundaries, protecting kids against sexual predators, porn and a whole lot more VERY openly with Dr Lea Lis, The Shameless Psychiatrist.

Dr Lea Lis is a psychiatrist who’s been working with families since the beginning of her psychiatric career.  

Her goal is to help all parents raise strong, secure, and resilient children who become strong, secure, and resilient adults

She has a passion for working with children and teenagers around sex education and she chatted to us to explain why and also to tell us about her book which is out on September 22nd: No Shame: Real Talk with your kids about sex, self-confidence & healthy relationships.

This is a book you'll enjoy reading, because, like Lea, it's FUN! It will also support you to confidently have vital age-appropriate conversations with your children from babies through to teens.

If you're someone who thinks they don't need to have these conversations or who feels really uncomfortable starting them, please do listen to this episode to understand why you absolutely cannot just bury your head in the sand... and by the end of it you'll be feeling reasurred.

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