Dying.. probably not as bad as you think. With Kathryn Mannix

Our guest is Kathryn Mannix - Kathryn is a palliative care doctor & author of the bestselling book With The End in Mind… in which she sheds a light on death & ways of dying through the stories of those she’s supported.

This is an informative and uplifting episode for us to understand how we can prepare for a peaceful death for our loved ones & for ourselves. Pretty daft to bury your head in the sand, because *NEWS FLASH* death is 100% coming our way at some point and these discussions can be really positive, even cheerful conversations. You’ll come away from today's episode reassured that normal human dying isn’t as bad as you probably think.

We arranged this interview at the beginning of February before most of us, certainly me, were even aware of coronavirus….. it’s hugely relevant to what we’re discussing today, and so, of course we talk about it but first of all, in more general terms, we asked Kathryn why we should be having discussions around death… what should we expect from a ‘normal’ death? What will those around us see? Is it scary and dramatic?

What if your relative doesn’t want to talk about it? Do you insist? How can you gently start that conversation?


On the topic of Covid - there’s been so much grief and loss and we’ve seen a big effort being made by MPs & TV presenters when reporting deaths to acknowledge that these were individual lives. Covid has changed the way we view death and talk about it.

We also discuss the legal issues around decision making - many of us will assume ‘oh well, doctors will decide & that’s that’ but there are definitely things that we should consider and Kathryn talks us through those.

Resources Discussed: 

Decision making templates: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/end-of-life-care/

End of Life Doula UK: https://eol-doula.uk

Soul Midwifves: https://www.soulmidwives.co.uk

More about Kathryn Mannix:

.         https://withtheendinmind.co.uk

.           https://twitter.com/drkathrynmannix      


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.         https://www.instagram.com/aimeecooperforms/


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