Ageless Fashion with Playful Promises' Emma Parker

Our guest today is Emma Parker, the CEO of Playful Promises which is a lingerie brand WITH A DIFFERENCE… really beautiful lingerie BUT the brand really is all about celebrating  and valuing ALL women … not just the young, thin ones. If you look on Playful Promises website & Instagram account you’ll see that they are absolutely committed to diverse imagery and have been for years – way before it became cool in the fashion industry to throw the old dogs (or the plus size ones)  an occasional bone … they consistently value their customers of every age and size  and make beautiful lingerie for them… so if you’re over 25, bigger than a size 10 and thought Marks & Sparks was your only option – think again. 

The largest demographic of lingerie buyers is people between the age of 30-45 but you wouldn’t know that from looking at most lingerie campaigns who portray the average customer as a teen or early-twenty-something. It's no wonder that 70% of women over the age of 45 report feeling ignored by the fashion industry.

We talked all this through with Emma and Aimee over-shared... again!

The Amy Schumer sketch we referred to is 'Last Fuckable Day' and you can see it on YouTube here.

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