MECCA Talks MECCA, with founder Jo Horgan

Welcome to the first ever episode of MECCA Talks, your access all areas pass to the beauty, business, and lifestyle experts we call our community.

In today’s episode…

We meet our hosts, MECCA chief marketing officer, Kate Blythe, and head of content, Zara Wong.

Then, we go back to our very beginnings in an exclusive conversation with MECCA founder and co-CEO, Jo Horgan. From misplacing the takings on the first day of opening on Toorak Road in 1997 to 100+ stores filled with the best brands, education and experiences beauty has to offer, this is a chat full of wisdom for beauty obsessives and entrepreneurs-to-be alike.

We wrap it all up with a (not-so) quickfire Q&A from the MECCA community.

Hosts: Kate Blythe, Zara Wong

Guest: Jo Horgan

Producers: Kerri Gordon, Michael Liberale


Through M-Power, MECCA aims to help 10,000 girls finish secondary school by the year 2025, and we will achieve this through our work locally in Victoria with The Skyline Education Foundation, nationally with Stars Foundation and internationally with CAMFED. To learn more about MECCA M-Power, head here:

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