Inside No.9: The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge

This week we're joined by actor, member of sketch comedy group Quirks and Foibles, and recently announced host of the Chichester Free Fringe, Katie Bennett!

And it's a doozie, because we discuss staging Inside No. 9 Episode 'The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge'! We wax lyrical about the show we're all huge fans of, talk about how we'd stage the series in general, and then dive into the episode, in which two of England's most notorious and feared witch-finders are summoned by Sir Andrew Pike to the unassuming village of Little Happens in order to try a defenceless old woman.... but as always, there's a twist!

We talk about creative ways to do a costume change, reviving repatory theatre, and the place of the audience in a trial play.

You can find Quirks and Foibles by searching for them on youtube, or hit up their socials @quirksandfoiblessketch on insta and @quirks_foibles on twitter.

Katie is on Twitter @katiefbennett

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