Kid Congo Part 2 Patreon Release

This was a Patreon exclusive and Part 2 of my episode 232 conversation with the great Kid Congo. Often the initial recordings go much longer than what is released. I always put the extended interviews or part to on the patreon page. This lived on patreon for almost a years. You can go to for extra content. I will be releasing more patreon exclusive content for the holidays. There will be a blog that will tell you what is released and how to get it. The part one we went into a lot of Kid's history. Part 2 we dug a little deeper. Enjoy.

Kid Congo Powers is the co-founder of the Gun Club, played with the Cramps, was a Bad Seed with Nick Cave and of course Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. His influence and creativity is vast. It is an honor to have him on Conversations With Dwyer where he talks about the early days Punk, starting The Gun Club, living around the world, and the challenges of writing a memoir. It's a great honor to have him on the show

Kid Congo Part One HERE

Opening song: (Are You) Ready, Freddy? by Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds from the EP Swing From The Sean Delear

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