Series 3 - Episode 5 on Normal People and Coping in Isolation.

On this weeks episode, we discuss all of our usual reading, film, food and podcast recommendations, as well as the gorgeous TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’ and the necessity of having nuanced and complex young adults on our screen. We also chat about Raven Smiths’ article on the gender disparity within heterosexual households when it comes to housework and chores. 

We answer this weeks listeners question on Ask Mate with advice on how to cope living within close proximity to family members, a partner or housemates. We share some tips on how to maintain a harmonious household and keep your space. 

Finally, we round off with an OMG MATE YOU’D LOVE Indepdent Special giving a shoutout to all of our favourite London, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds based wine & food indies that we have been ordering from and that you should try and support!  

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The Bold Type – Amazon Prime 

Normal People – BBC Iplayer

Yoga with Adriene 

How Normal People Does Sex So Good –

Phantom Thread -

Sweet Sorrow – David Nicholls

Chloe Sevigny – The Cut

Fosse/Verdon – BBC Iplayer

Run – Sky Atlantic

Louis Theroux ‘Grounded’ – BBC Sounds

Cool Dead Women – Podcast -

Jess Walter – Beautiful Ruins

Cherry Picks -

Raven Smith Guide to ‘Gaying Up’ Your Marriage – The Times

Low Intervention

Wayward Wines

Newcomer Wines