Series 3 - Episode 4 on Books, Tv, Film and Livin La Vida Lockdown!

So a lot has changed since our last episode. We are now mid way through week 4 of lockdown during a global pandemic - but hey, even though we're apart we're going to be bringing you the best of mate. as usual and hopefully add a little cheer to your week!

True to form and with even more time on our hands, this weeks episode features a collection of everything we've been enjoying throughout lockdown. We share our must-read books, binge worthy series, favourite films and magazine articles. We've also got some great foodie tips and recommendations. We also share how we're both adapting to our new solitary lifestyle.

Now, more than ever, we would love to hear from you, so please share with us your lockdown stories and send us any questions you may have for the both of us. We would love to answer them during the next episode.

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