Series 3 - Episode 2 on The Art-throb Man, What Our Stuff Says About Us and Friendship Incompatibility.

On this weeks episode we discuss how the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles are ushering in a new wave of masculinity, with both experimental fashion and 'soft boy' PDA's - and how we as a culture, are welcoming the change. We also discuss an article from Man Repeller which dissects our need for 'stuff' and what exactly does our stuff say about us? Whether it be materialist stuff, stuff which comforts us or our clothing.

On mate to mate this week, we answer one listeners question about how to deal with friendship incompatibilities - maybe when you don't feel up to doing what all of your friends are doing and how to step away from situations where you don't feel comfortable whilst remaining non-judgemental or feeling like a party pooper.

As of our next episode, mate to mate will be changing slightly to our newly updated segment ASK MATE! where you can write to us with a question of any kind, whether it be
emotional support, friendship or romantic advice or whether you just want to know what our top 5 city breaks or restaurants are, ask us how we spend our days off, what do our careers look like day-to-day? What is our favourite snack, cereal homeware brand? You can ask mate literally anything!

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