Series 2 Episode 14 - on Career Envy, Being Less Than Perfect and Inappropriate Crushes.

On this weeks episode we are bringing you all of our usual updates as ever from our foodie, podcast, reading, TV, film and fashion rec’s to our beauty and lifestyle bits. It’s basically all things lifestyle and everything we (Sofie and Lara) get up to!

On this week’s episode, we discuss the dreaded career envy. Why does it feel like an egg race to reach the certain career ‘milestones’ by a certain age? We also talk about the benefits of embracing imperfections and how we should stop being so hard on ourselves for not feeling 100% all of the time.  

We answer one listener’s question this week, with advice on a very complicated situation, of how to deal with an inappropriate crush on your friends boyfriend.  

We hope you enjoy!


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1.  Why Do Our Careers Still Feel Like An Egg Race by Lauren Bravo, Refinery 29

2.  Less Than Perfect Club – Fearne Cotton for RED Magazine.