Series 2 Episode 13 - on Leaving Home, Ambition and Starting Over in Your Career.

Hey mate! Welcome! We have some new listeners we see from our stats, so welcome to the Mate. pod community. On this weeks episode we are bringing you all of our usual updates, as ever, from our foodie, podcast, reading, TV, film and fashion rec’s to our beauty and lifestyle bits too. It’s basically all things media and everything we (Sofie and Lara) get up to.

On this week’s episode, we discuss whether you have to leave your hometown to truly grow up. Can you fully gain a sense of self without starting over somewhere new, building a life from the ground up? We also chat about the notion of being ambitious and being exhausted and how it doesn’t always equal success or fulfilment. 

We answer one listener’s question this week with advice on how to start over in your career in your late twenties.

We hope you enjoy!


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1. Do You Have To Leave Your Hometown To Grow Up? – Eliza Dumais, Man Repeller


2.  Have I Run Out of Ambition? By Kate Heaney, The Cut.