Series 2 - Episode 11 on Weak Ties and Mental Health.


Summers out but we are back!!
 On this weeks episode we will be discussing everything we’ve been watching, reading and listening to during the Summer break and what we’ve been upto.
 We discuss our daily routines for work and how we like to get it done, one of our favourite articles via The Cut. We chat about the importance of having ‘weak ties’ in our life, how the benefit us daily and what exactly are they?
 Our listeners question this week is regarding mental health and the stigma felt when discussing our mental health, even with our friends. We chat about our experiences and how we personally process going through difficult times. We have attached some useful mental health websites and charities in the show notes for anyone seeking support.


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1. How I Get It Done – The Cut



2. Weak Ties: Why Casual Acquaintances Might Be The Key To Happiness – Emma Beddington, Sunday Times Style Magazine


3. Talk Liverpool


4.  Mind


5. Samaritans