Why your lack of sleep, rest and recovery is hurting your performance

So... what is affecting you from getting the optimal rest recovery and sleep that you need to perform your best?

In this episode, I'm joined by my every once and again co-host Phil Cross.

We entertain, educate, and inspire you through personal stories and studies of how proper recovery can help endurance athletes run faster, fight off sickness, and overall improve the rest of their lives (you know the whole fitness as a metaphor for life)

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All the dope music can be found here, courtesy of Daren


  1. Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep
  2. Michael Breus - The Power of When
  3. James Clear - The Science of Sleep
  4. Gretchen Rubin - Better Than Before
  5. Ken Wilber - Four Quadrants
  6. Alexey Guzey - guzey.com


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