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How I use heart rate training now as more of a suggestive guide and how you can benefit from it.

Heart rate (HR) training is great for monitoring what's going on from a zoomed out objective point of view. I've found in my experience and through my discovery process (science-backed evidence, my own experience, and talking with experts around me) that it's not so great for knowing precisely what stimulus and stress you are putting on your body to see the gains you might be wanting.

What is Heart Rate Training?

As stated in Runner's world, "Heart-rate training uses your heart rate or beats per minute (bpm) as a guide for intensity. Instead of training at a specific pace, you use a heart-rate monitor to train your cardiorespiratory system to work at a specific effort for a set amount of time."

Age-based formulas, the Maffetone Method, and even going out and doing a max heart rate test are the best ways to determine your heart rate zones. You then go out and train in those zones. Depending on your objectives and your fitness level, it's that simple.

Why it didn't work for me

While I did this type of HR training and mainly the Maffetone Method for about 5 years I started realizing a pattern. I

 wasn't actually getting faster at the really fast stuff because I wasn't training hard enough. I'm the first person to say that most people train too hard, but I actually wasn't training hard enough on my hard days to provoke a response and stress my system which in turn, breaks it down and builds it up so I can be [Daft Punk Vocoder Voice] harder, better, stronger, and… faster. [/Daft Punk Vocoder Voice]

Read the rest of the post here - http://www.darenlake.net/fitness/why-i-stopped-training-with-heart-rate/


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