What's better: 3-Zone or 5-zone heart rate training?

Purgatory in catholic/Christian religious circles is the in-between place right after you die. You’re not alive but you’re also not in the afterlife. You’re mildly suffering in a hybrid limbo state of purgatory.

If you’re training for a run or endurance event this place is also called the GREY ZONE.

Most coaches preach to not stay in the grey zone (which is between aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones on a 5 zone heart rate model). If you follow the 80/20 rule you know that 8 out of 10 runs should be easy like very easy and 2 of those 10 should be hard... like very hard.

So where then do grey zone runs fit that are in between easy and hard? We’ll attempt to answer that and clear up the confusion of grey zone on this episode.

What You Will Learn & Highlights
  • [02:09] 3 zone HR model defined
  • [04:39] Heart rate vs perceived effort explained
  • [07:18] When should you use it and when not?
  • [10:39] How to run to feel and not use metrics/data
  • [11:40] Episode Summary with a fun car Analogy
  • And Much more!


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