What Does a Fitness Coach Do In Isolation? | Healthy Wealthy Wise 02

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does a personal trainer do in isolation?” This might be the episode for you. If not, then just listen because he talks about a few things that personal trainers don’t really ever speak publicly about.


We also dive into a bit of what happened during this “The C Word”. I’ll treat this as a time capsule of sorts for the future Master of Some to look back on and go “Oh, that’s what we were thinking”


This episode was an interesting one with fitness/nutrition coach and wellness habits trainer, John Fawkes over in Los Angeles California.


This was actually an accidental recording where I kept the tape rolling at the end of a different interview (which is part of a bigger project that I may release in the future)


Who is John Fawkes you might ask?


He’s a writer and a personal trainer from Hollywood, California. He coaches people on diet and exercise who really want to get into the best shape of their lives. 


He is an NSCA certified personal trainer, a precision nutrition certified nutrition coach and Bayesian bodybuilding personal training certified.


He strives takes a science based approach to coaching and personalizes it to the individual.


Read the full transcription here.



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