Use Run Form Drills & Plyometrics to Become an Injury Free Monster

If you want to become an injury-free run monster and learn everything about doing running form drills and plyometrics for strength, power and better form - then you should listen to this DLake Creates Podcast episode. For plyometric video, links go to ( @DLakeCreates ).

I've been doing running plyometrics and form drills for almost 25 years now and I love them! I decided to create a few videos showing more runners how to do them and also wanted to explain the blockers as to why runners don't do them. Hopefully, you get inspired to become a run injury free monster!

For plyometric video, links go to []( ( @DLakeCreates )

Download the free full transcription pdf here

What You Will Learn

  • Everything you need to know about running drills and plyometrics will increase your strength and injury resistance. Why so many runners don't do them and how to fix that.
  • New science and information have proven that they work for short distance, long-distance and endurance runners, cyclists and triathletes. The five basic form drills that I use in my warmups, workouts, and cooldowns. The all-important - WHEN to do them, and more!

Example Form Drills & Plyometric Workout (Intermediate)

  • WORKOUT: Do these 5 form drills and 2 plyometrics workouts with 2 sets for 10 seconds
  • REST: Rest time 20-30 seconds or more (2-3 times the amount it took you to do them. Goal isn't to do them as fast as possible but with the most amount of energy and best form).
  • STOP: Stop the workout if you can't finish a set or your form is suffering
  • DURATION: The workout shouldn't go longer than 10 minutes (for intermediates - see beginner and expert variations below)
  • BEGINNER VARIATION: Just do 1 set of each (set will be about 5 minutes)
  • EXPERT VARIATION: Experts can add another set, make the sets longer (15-2 seconds), add more exercises (same amount 2 sets), do these single-legged, or even do these all on a hill (the steeper the hill the harder the workout). This will take the set out to 15-20 minutes

Episode Quotes

  • "The reason most runners don't do plyometrics and form drills is that it's just another thing, it's hard, they don't know-how. I'll show you" - Daren
  • "These are a type of neuromuscular exercises that enhance the communication between your brain or legs. so that if you get tired in a race or workout you're better able to maintain proper running form" - Jason Fitzgerald
  • "Lifting weights is one way to build strength. Form Drills, Plyometrics and Sprints are another." - Daren
  • "Strength is speed. Strength is power. Strength is strength." - Steph Rothstein

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