Use My Endurance Backstory To Train Smarter

If you want to learn how to use my endurance back story to help you train smarter, then you should listen to this episode of DLake Creates.

Download the transcription pdf here

This was a fun episode cross release from my first podcast CBD Radio. It's based on the how and why I got into endurance sports and in particular running and the benefits I reaped from it. All stemming from my curiosity around running faster with the least amount of energy.

CBD Radio was my first podcast. This was a fun one as I was able to just talk about some of the shit that I'm passionate about without knowing that the future would have me focusing a podcast around all of that.

What You Will Learn

  • My history into endurance training and a fear of running cross country in short shorts
  • Intermittent fasting and low carb cycling around running and removal of the hazy cloud in my brain
  • My obsession with consistent long and sustainable gains
  • and more!

Episode Quotes

  • "Cross country runners wear short shorts... you don't want to be wearing short shorts"
  • "You have to slow down to speed up."
  • "I run for improved brain function. Performance and body gains are an added bonus"
  • "If you've never operated at 100% brain function, 70% will feel normal"

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Original Music Used Here

  • DLake Creates - Master Of Some
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  • DLake Creates - Cool Black Dudes

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