Tips, Tricks and Tactics To Run Fast At Almost 60yo | MIKE TREES, Ex-Pro

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If you want to learn how to run easy and use that to perform better as you age, then you should listen to this episode.

If heart rate training confuses or frustrates you, this is the episode to clear it all up! No seriously... Ex-Pro and elite masters endurance athlete, Mike Trees is one of the most positive, knowledgeable and generous endurance athletes I've ever met.

He has the skill that to make super complex things like heart rate, extremely easy to understand. Not to mention he's almost 60 and runs faster than most 20-year-olds!

What You Will Learn

The puzzling question of what is too easy for easy running and much more

Is it possible to build aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same?

What His Individual HR/IMAT Heart rate formula is and why it might make more sense than others in the real world

One thing that can keep you committed and focused to help you perform your best at (he's almost 60 years old!)

Why all coaches are right... wrong!

Why starting with your end point objective is the most wholistic and effective way to come up with realistic training plans

And Much More

About Mike Trees

Ex-Pro Triathlete, Duathlete, no currently elite masters runner

He's Originally from the Northeast of England, grew up in Libya Africa but now lives in Japan

He gives away all his information online (Instagram @RunNRG ) and thinks coaching is on part science, one part voodoo magic and the middle is where the coach/athlete relationship sits

He is the co-founder of the coaching collective - Triathlon NRG

True Generalist/Master of some/Jack of all trades; British Ironman World Record holder in the 1990s, British 1500 metre championship in 1994, multi-national champion in England and Japan, Sports Scientist Lecturer, Pro triathlon coach in Japan, Coach of Tim Don

He cleverly figured out a glitch in the Asian pacific ocean triathlon pro circuit by finding races that the faster guys didn't go to but had prize money so he could sustain a career

Episode Quotes

"An easy run is a run you enjoy. If you can chat and do Mental arithmetic - It's easy. That's it."

"The biggest issue with new runners is, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. You need to know what your goal is and how to do it."

"Everyday I wake up I want to run. I just want to work on improving something."

"You might not add years to your life, but you can add life to your years."

"As I got older, I kept asking myself "How can I stop slowing down, the slowing down"

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