The eight best science-backed whole foods for run recovery

How much thought do you put into what you eat after a run and how well it will help you recover? If you are like the 3 years ago, it wasn’t much more than “Was it easy to get and am I full - okay I'm good”.

Learn about the 8 real foods that you can get anywhere for running recovery.

This is a fun compliment episode to the best supplements for everyday recovery episode that we released a bit ago.

Let’s talk about whole foods… real foods that you can easily find. Not processed packaged foods. Not foods that are seasonal and coming from some part of the world every 6 months. As we are travelling more now for races and training you want to be able to consume them regularly and find them easily.

What You Will Learn & Highlights
  • How Mike’s 80/20 training transfers over to nutrition also
  • Fun facts about colored rice and white potatoes
  • New science around the benefits of peanut butter before marathons helps with performance
  • 3:03 | Fish
  • 7:24 | Protein Shake/Smoothie
  • 9:59 | Rice
  • 13:57 | Potatoes
  • 17:13 | Berries
  • 19:21 | Nut Butters
  • 22:00 | Salted Nuts
  • And much more

Notable Quotables
  • "To perform better through life it’s not about 5 foods a day. It’s about 30 different unprocessed, natural whole foods"
  • "It’s not just about eating one food. It’s about eating a a balanced and varied diet for health and fitness gains."
  • "New studies show that peanut butter before racing a marathon might help store carbohydrates"
  • "Warning: Your stomach isn't a bottomless pit. You can eat too many calories with shakes"



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