The best 4 tips when coming back to running from injury

Most people don’t agree on a lot of things in this world. But if you’re a runner or endurance athlete we can all agree that Injuries suck.

Whether it’s chronic (aka the pain has slowly been around and you’ve been ignoring it and keep training)

Or... acute (aka you twisting your ankle or falling down hard). They suck.

But what do you do when you inevitably get injured?

First things first when you get injured: You can’t compare yourself to the uninjured version.

Don’t compare times, fitness level, body fat percentage, etc. That is poison and does nothing for you.

Learn to put a stake in the ground and scream KAIZEN (which is Japanese for constant improvement)

What You Will Learn
  • How A little bit a lot of the time helps you in the long term
  • why Nutrition is more important than ever
  • How to measure your progress
  • How To stop playing the victim card and accept what’s happened
  • More on Kaizen
  • and more!


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