Seven proven supplements to help after hard runs

Work + Rest + Recovery = Training, not work + work + work. This means that when you go hard or long on a run, you need to properly recover.

Supplements! They polarise and divide the endurance sports and running community. Some people love em, so people don’t - I personally like them for many reasons and… maybe you should consider them in your recovery routine if you don’t already.

Disclaimer - Take these if you’re healthy and consult with a medical professional. this is all for fun. this doesn’t replace real food. 

What You Will Learn & Highlights
  • 2:17 | How non-science-based supplements could actually help you, 5:04 | How you can drink too much water and decrease performance, 7:01 | Another reason why Daren likes his supplements, 8:19 | Electrolytes, 10:38 | Vitamin D, 13:44 | Fish Oil/Omega 3 Oils, 18:31 | Glucosamine, 22:07 | Collagen, 26:19 | Creatine, 32:24 | Broccoli Sprouts
  • and more!



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