(Part 2) How To Get In The Guinness Books for an Ironman Triathlon with Mike Trees

27 years between races!! That's how long it took Mike Trees between his first Ironman Triathlon to his 2nd.

In this quick part 2 of 2 episode in following his Ironman journey we talk to him about the challenges before the race, what actually happened in the race, and what's up next for him.

Spoiler - he did it! He got first in his age group and 92nd overall with a time of 10 hours 31 minutes.

He did a 1 hour 13 min swim in very cold water (17 degrees celsius - and about 67 degrees farenheit)

Blazing - 5hour 24 min bike

And then somehow had enough in him after that to run a 3 hour 44 minute marathon with a very fast last 5k kick (he heard the 2nd place guy was catching up to him!)

It was a super challenging and cold day (Florida had the coldest weather they've ever had in over 100 years!)

Heads up - Mike was on a 6 hour drive back to the airport with pro triathlete Colin Norris and was able to jump on a zoom call with me between glitchy data connections. Apologies in advance for any minor technical issues.

Find out what happened and more on this episode of Trees & DLake


Mike Trees Official Ironman results - https://feathersprod.blob.core.windows.net/api-public/AE572A75-A8B1-414A-87B2-B8722269121B.pdf

Mike's race recap - https://www.instagram.com/p/CV9gd3gsZRc/

Mike's Ironman Shuffle - https://www.instagram.com/p/CV_gS96lj3h/

Colin Norris -https://www.instagram.com/colin.apbworks/

Dlake Creates Instagram - https://instagram.com/dlakecreates

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