Study an ex-pro runner’s history to race and train smarter

There’s a saying - If you don’t know your history, then you are bound to repeat it.

While it’s a stretch, knowing and understanding successful endurance athletes history might just prove to help you perform better in your life.

In this episode we go into the archives and get to hear how Mike Trees got started in his 50 year endurance career (He just turned 60 years old and can still run a 17 min, 5k).

Listen on to find out how to train, race and live with purpose for as long as possible on this episode of Trees of DLake.

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This is part one of a few and we end it the episode right before he goes to University. If you’re feeling this we’ll be releasing more type episodes in the future - let us know on instagram or email

What You will Learn
  • Where Mike is at right now in his fitness, training and racing
  • How he got here and the early beginning
  • Awesome story about his first race failure and what he learned
  • And a lot more!

Episode Question

Would you rather train on time or on distance?


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