Run Your Best Marathon with Marathon Marcus of a Runner's Life Podcast

Sometimes running your best might not be your fastest. I had a very chill and deep conversation with a runner's life podcast host, The Marathon Marcus.

Ironically enough, his podcasting skills enabled him to poke some holes at some of my questions and assumptions. I love this and personally learned a lot from it. Speaking of learning... listen now to learn more!

What You Will Learn

  • Embracing the variables that happen in a race and view them as a better experience
  • Why time goals shouldn't be everything
  • Deep explanation of his rented fitness analogy
  • How his podcast dispels the myth of what a runner's life really is
  • Why viewing wherever you are as a potential spectrum (example - if you are injured, just try to be your best as an injured runner. Don't compare yourself to the most fit and healthy version of you. That's not fair and will lead to disappointment and stress.
  • And Much More

About Marathon Marcus, A Runner's Life Podcast

  • Abbot World marathoner majors 6-star finisher - That's doing London, Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, and New York Marathons
  • He's taken off over 40% on from his first marathon time of 4:55 down to 2:56
  • On his running podcast, he's interviewed some big running names like Seth James De Moore, Kelly On the Run, Ben Parkes, Joe Grey, Charlie Dark just to name a few.
  • He co-founded 'The Black Trail Runners' which is looking to bring off-road trail awareness to BiPOC runners.
  • And when Marcus isn't running, he's a father of 2 kids.

Episode Quotes

  • "I don' think you ever get the marathon right. It's more like, how much do you really want it?
  • "The more I've been able to embrace the unpredictability of the marathon, the better the experience it's become."
  • "You're healthy. You have two legs. You can run. It's about gratitude and appreciating where you are."
  • "Fitness is rented. A lot of people run on credit that they owe. That's when the landlord goes "Where's my money?"

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