How The Rambling Runner, Matt Chittim is smashing his 10k PR before turning 40

If you want to run a faster 10k as you get older listen to this episode!

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Episode Highlights (aka Why You Should Listen aka TLDR)

  • Matt Chittim aka The Rambling Runner is documenting his journey to get a personal record in the 10k before turning 40
  • His journey might be similar to a lot of people out there with injuries over the past few years not allowing him to get to his potential
  • How white people/brands can do better for the BIPOC endurance athlete community
  • His Virtual Summit 2021 - Accountability through showing the world his journey via his podcast and blog & Much More

About Matt Chittim, The Rambling Runner

  • Founder & Host of The Rambling Runner Podcast and brand and helps amateur runners reach their potential through his podcast and blog
  • He's a master interviewer. Seriously check out his podcast! Some great questions being thrown at the guests
  • The Rambling Runner podcast is always in the top 10 of USA sports podcasts, Has published 300 podcast episodes to date and Has reached 2.5 million downloads to date
  • Is a Run Coach with Mckirdy trained runners
  • Has had on his podcast a slew of well runners including; Matt Fitzgerald, Bart Yasso, Marquis Bowden, Anne Maher, Olivia Baker, Jamison Michael, and more

Episode Quotes

  • "It's actually more frustrating to be coming back from the injury - than the injury itself"
  • "People having timeliness to their goals is the biggest issue. I think goals are great - long term, short term, process and progress goals are great. Where it can start getting tricky is with progress goals. Attaching a timeline to a goal can be really tough. It can lead to potentially overtraining and tamp down the motivation"
  • "How many top triathletes are really good runners? All of them. That's why they are top triathletes. Don't be afraid that cross train will hurt your running. It won't."

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