Figuring out if supplements and fasting work for runners with nutritionist Angela Rockson

10 years ago you couldn’t tell me I would be able to run for 2 hours without eating. Now I can do that every day.

I fell in love with training while fasted… to the point where I started to slightly crack at the seams a bit.

After midday headaches and general life bonking I knew something was up. So after some accidental googling, I found out that my electrolytes were low due to my high sweat rate.

Problem solved? Maybe… listen on to find out if intermittent fasting is something you should incorporate into your training for benefits.

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In this episode, I attempt to answer the very individual question if intermittent fasting during training is the right way to train.

It’s not as black and white of an answer as I thought and I brought on Bachelor of science nutritionist, ultra runner and all-around super cool food lover, Angela Rockson.

And (through the powers of the internet) she came all the way from London, UK to help me figure this out!

What You'll Learn

  • Should you consider running and intermittent fasting in your training?
  • What I did that I learned from around that
  • What supplements runners should and shouldn’t use
  • The importance of Iron and electrolytes for endurance athletes, esp women.
  • The complexities of your metabolism and how what food you eat together influence your weight loss or gain
  • Her strong purpose and desire to help the black community understand diet and nutrition
  • A bit of the history of how we got here with supplements
  • And more!

Also, quick side note - Let's clear up the difference between nutritionist and dietician real quick 


Notable Quotes

  • "Food groups don't often exist in isolation. While you're getting those carbs, think about what else there is that might slow you down a...

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