The Top 7 Tips For Good Running Form

This year i turned 40 and despite my many injuries along the way, I’ve had to work hard on the basics for the last 4 years of running.

Key points to develop in your own run form:

  • Functional flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Relaxed fluid running

What You’ll learn

7 Tips for Good Running Form: Posture ,Foot plant, Stride length, Arm swing, Cadence, Core, Perfection

Episode Question - Who has the best run form Mo Farah or Kipchogee?

Episode Quotes
  • Make sure your foot land behind the knee. If not it's a hip operation waiting to happen
  • If your form works you don't need to change it. If you're getting injured or want to run efficient, then look at better form
  • Hitting the ground isn't what we want - We want to be up in the air for as much as possible
  • Anyone that overstrides and lands with the foot in front of the knee, is braking and accelerating and this is a very inefficient way of running.
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Episode Links

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